London and Pigs

Somebody has paid a heck of a lot of money to put up posters on London’s public transport advertising The web-page is about as badly designed as the posters. The encouraging thing is that they are on the red double-decker busses that you get used to when you’re in London for a while. After being here for some time you welcome an ad that catches your eye and you’re reminded to appreciate the bus that looks like it’s about to tip over, but never does. I guess the Jesus Said add is worth turning your head more than, say, to see David Beckham in tighties.

One thing I like about Jesus, or at least the teachings in the New Testament, is that Christians are allowed to eat pork. We had pork for dinner tonight. Pork ribs baked with a spicy rub. Not quite as good as they would be from the grill, but when you don’t have a place to BBQ the oven tends to be the next best place to cook that fatty, succulent meat.

I do have a question about the ribs though. When a pig is killed and the ribs are cut, sawed or snapped off from the rest of the body, what part of the ‘cut’ was closer to the spine (back) and what part of the rib was closer to the chest or (in a human at least) close to the heart? Most of the meat on a piece of rib tends to be on the side where the rib ends with a lot of cartilage and some fat, but I was wandering to what that fat would have been connected had I not bought this pre-packaged piece of meat from a shop?

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