Ferrari gets it… She keeps puking

Tonight, Anna and I saw a Ferrari overtake another, smaller, in some ways forgettable car in the same lane. A person carrier–not people, person carrier, you know, small. The police car in the opposite lane swung a “U-e”, as my grandmother used to say, and took chase after the red sports piece. It felt right. Righteously right.

Whether the Police were really after the Ferrari, or whether they were called to the scene of another crime and the Ferrari happened to pass just at the right time isn’t clear.

In the next instant we past a drunk woman throwing up on the side of the street outside her black cab. She obviously just got out of the taxi. Suddenly things seemed a lot more sad. The happiness the pursuing police car gave us was gone. The cabby was trying to get  ahold of somebody that could give help with his forgotten, perhaps forsaken lady passenger.

All this to say that empathy allows us to either envy or regret the situations of others. Perhaps I wanted to be in that red Ferrari. We sure did not want to sit on the curb waiting for the world to stop its spin.

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