‘subversive’ T-Shirt Designs

I picked this T-shirt up at The Charity Shop.

bomb surfer t-shirt

I didn’t really understand what the meaning of the print on the T-shirt is. I am sure it was meant to be subversive in some vague way. Bomb surfing. What an adrenaline sport.

I liked the design even though I didn’t understand the meaning that well. Was that wrong?

The inside label seemed to be descriptive too.

fullbleed bomb t-shirt

At first I though that FullBLEED was a type of cotton, or the way the colour is printed on the T-shirt, but when I googled ‘fullbleed’ this site poped up.  According to the website the shirt is entitled ‘Surf’s-up, Dudes’.

Then I checked the names of all of the other designs and I noticed that if one takes them collectively all of the shirts are subverting the traditional meaning of overly used phrases, or cliches and stereotypes. One of my favourites is this one. Oh Dear is good too.

On the same subject I thought I would show you another picture I found someplace online.


I chuckled when I saw this, but I am not sure why. What is being said here? Is Obama really about Hope? (Another vague word that doesn’t mean much anymore.) Or, is the Che T-Shirt just another symbol of capitalism? As in, buy my image, and you will buy my identity and my statement? Hence capitalism has won. Or is this picture in some way related to Obama just being another capitalist… like that Obama Joker face?

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