Good Beer: The Stag at Hogsback brewery

We celebrated one of our friends intentions of getting married yesterday by naming him the stag of the day. After eating a hearty mens breakfast we went to the Hogsback brewery for a tour. It’s in Tongham near Guilford. As you will know usually you get to sample some of the product on a tour. However on this occasion there was rather more to sample than at most tours I have been on and so we had a great time tasting at least 4 different Ales, all of which where great. Starting from the lowest alcohol content at about 3.4 and going up to 4.6, the flavour changing in each one, with small but delightful nuance in intensity of hops, darkness and flavour. They also had a great choice of bottled beers in the shop which are well worth the time spend perusing.

One of the beers they make is called the A over T, which stands for Aromas over Tongham. It is a 9% beer, so is quite strong. I am pretty sure that the aromas over Tongham refer to the strong smells that are brought about by the brewing process, but it might also be the case that the aromas are from those who consume the beers brewed in Tongham as the participants in the days revelries will be able to attest to. Perhaps it was the combination of the full English breakfast and the beer sampled at the brewery, but when we moved on to our Kiwi spoon race event near Guilford castle some well deployed burst of butt caused havoc to be unleashed onto the fair gardens. The dead otter smell continued into the evening indicating  the strong and dangerous side effects of the Tongham brew.

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3 Responses to Good Beer: The Stag at Hogsback brewery

  1. Phil C says:

    “Aromas over Tongham”? That’s not what I remember…

  2. Lauri says:

    They won an award for “A over T” which said on the bottle Aromas over Tongham, but I am sure that the *other* meaning was implied given that the beer is 9% strong. It was a small bottle… Read the CAMRA article I linked to if interested in that particular beer.

  3. The Stag says:

    Mmmmm – TEA!

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