Unknown Knowns

Humans often don’t realize their Unknown Knowns. This means that we often have assumptions which we don’t even know about. In essence this is most valuable part of  post-modern thinking. A contribution which begs for humility when we think we know something. As illustrated in this YouTube video, thanks to The best of youtube. I applaud the insight.

On the same subject there are a couple of good articles about this issue in relation to Christianity pluralism, truth and post-modernity. Both articles are well worth a read though they should not be new to most people who have thought about this subject at all, they are good primers for those that might not have thought through some of these issues yet.

The first article defends absolute “Truth” while the second article (a response), argues that cultural diversity should be celebrated.

I find Krish Kandiahs response highlights what I have maintained for a long time that post-modernity increases our need for humility, the need to listen not just preach, and the opportunity for the creation of safe space, where the articulation of unarticulated questions and assumptions can be made without the answer being to readily given.

(Hat tip to Krish tweeting about his article.)

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