Woo me, baby

My wife posted a blog post about submission in the family and the church.

I am quite proud of her take on things (well I am a proud husband, but it’s still good stuff). The picture she chose is also great.

The post shows a lateral thinking that is well applied to an issue which is quite stale, and is often inflammatory especially if we only look at certain passages of the bible to inform our view of how husbands and wives should relate to each other. (I am thinking of the Pauline passages here.)

The argument relates tangentially to the different forms of love C.S. Lewis talked about in his book The Four Loves.  As I have previously said, I am a gynophile and still not sure I am a feminist.

If the root of the second half of the word is philia in Greek (or brotherly love) and gune or gyno means woman, then I am one who loves women in a brotherly way. Ultimately this must have much overlap with some forms of feminism, but I think it helpfully adds the word ‘love’ into the description. Ultimately we are called to love.

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