Polygamist Zuma and the goods of the Transferable Tax allowance

Zuma the polygamist verbally lashed our British cultural imperialism on account of some newspapers criticising his marital status. He stood trial for rape in 2006 and though he was acquitted, his victim, an hiv/aids activist was granted asylum in the Netherlands not long after the trial ended. Zuma has been married five times and now has three wives. Did he bring more than one wife to the visit?
The President Of The Republic Of South Africa Makes A State Visit To The UK

Jacob, there is nothing imperialist about the freedom of the press to say what they would like about your marital affairs. Nothing. And your double speak stinks of hypocrisy. (He told British journalists the same day that relations between the UK and South Africa are tip-top.) Finally, you weaken the real criticism that can be leveled at cultural imperialism. Issues such as slavery and other abuses which are far more ghastly than criticism of your marital arrangement. They aren’t even in the same class.

Meanwhile in the House of Commons during PMQs, Vince Cable, a wit and sympathetic man, asked rhetorically whether the Conservative party could afford a family friendly transferable tax allowance if Zuma decided to change citizenship. Vince makes a pragmatic point, though I am sure his comment were aimed as much at the Tory party proposals as they were at Zuma. What he seems to miss about the Conservative’s proposals, if implemented initially for the lower socioeconomically (un) well off in our society, is that they would have a disproportionate impact on lifting children out of poverty. Most children living in poverty in this country, contrary to popular belief, are not in single parent households, but in households with two parents.  Two parent households are also punished by the tax and benefit system for staying together. I should add that the Tory proposals in no way take anything away from single parents. If anything they make it easier for a single parent to get back together with a partner.

Aside note

What I liked so much about the Independents article on the fuss about Zuma is the food menu for last night (see below). The story is also decidedly sarcastic.

If you know what any of this is, do let me know. I understand pomme. I am sure its not a substitute for pomposity.

“Fit for a President: The state banquet

* Pavé de Saumon Glamis

* Noisettes d’Agneau Narbonnaise; Courgettes Jaunes et Vertes Sautées; Pommes Forestière; Salade

* Sablé aux Pommes de Sandringham

* Fruits de Dessert

* Les Vins: Pol Roger, White Label Brut Réserve NV; Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru, les Referts, Louis Jadot 2002; Château Lynch-Bages, Pauillac 1986; Louis Roederer ‘Carte Blanche’ Demi-Sec NV; Royal Vintage Port 1963″

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