Christian Humanist

Desiderus Erasmus (1465- Amongst the hubub around the BHA releasing its election manifesto, I decided to go over to their webpage and have a look what they are proposing. On the way over to the right section I was distracted by a familiar face, which I rather like, greeting me with its inviting sharp (eyes) and perhaps rather coy grin (mouth). Stephan Fry was saying to me: “It is essential to nail one’s colours to the mast as a humanist.”

Mr. Stephan Fry, I am so glad that along with you, I will nail my colours to the mast as a Humanist. But I, unlike you and your friends at the British Humanist Association, will not condescend to say that faith should not have a place in the public sphere. Faith and religion are very human manifestations of very human behaviour. Faith imbues life as a whole with meaning and allows us to have meaningful joy, hope within the boundaries of reality and it gives us a transcendant reason to hold up the very basis of  the category ‘human’.

You know. And I agree with your cohort in advertising crime, Polly Toynbee who says: “The Humanist life is progressive and optimistic, in awe of human potential.” And she is the President of the BHA.YES YES!

Then there is Philip Pullman. What an author and a great public speaker. He said: “I’m responsible, there is a meaning and it is to make things better and to work for greater good and greater wisdom. That’s my meaning.” Fantastic! So is mine. Stephen Fry And Alistar Campbell Photocall

Lovely Ariane says: “All children should be free to grow up in a world where they are allowed to question, doubt, think freely, and reach their own conclusions about what they believe.” Yes, yes, yes, you comedy writer!

All of your friends are people I admire and have a fair amount of respect for. They are people who have shown initiative, talent, and in many cases love and compassion for humanity. They are modern heros of words. Dear Mr. Stephen Fry, I ask you; no I beg you: Please reconsider your definition of humanism. It seems to lack faith, a faith that can be public.

Oh and I almost forgot. Where is the trust? Have you ever trusted? I am sure you have, but why?

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