Just Politics: I’ve been Published!

Not the digital version this time, so its giving me an extra big buzz. (Give a man small joys!) And I am in the same pages as some political bad cats. Gordan, David and Cleggover have the first couple of pages of Krish Kandiahs book called Just Politics… Conservative Party Annual Conference - Day Two

Its a primer for new voters, or pre voters, Christians who have not really been involved in the political process before. A cross between an idiots guide and some inspiring quotes from big names in history. My 300 or so words are graced with Gen. Charles De Gaulle quote:

Politics is too serious of a matter to be left up to politicians.

Well… I think we all are. Its just that some are better than others.

Gary Streeter, Steve Webb and Andy Reed, all MPs, are going to go to their constituencies over the next couple of weeks and they are going to have to talk to voters and ask them to vote and put their confidence in these men. They have staked several years of their lives, plodded along despite defeat, scandal in their party, and work place. They have tried to be faithful to their calling and now might be dropped from their seat, not knowing what the next move will have to be. Good for them.

Have a look at Krish here:

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3 Responses to Just Politics: I’ve been Published!

  1. Phil C says:

    Cool! Is there a link to the digital version?

  2. Lauri says:

    Not sure there is a digital version. Its also more low brow than what you might want to read, though some of the inserts are quite fun. A day in the life of and MP. That sort of thing.

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