Lightning Crumbling: Election Soundtrack

Over on the facebook I asked friends to join and help me come up with an election soundtrack, a playlist for the UK election. I assumed that with a categorically british flavour we would receive plenty of suggestions sarcastically motivated, anti-political in nature and devoid of much hope. (I was not disappointed, but then I did ask for such tunes in the invite.)  The playlist will be available to play on Spotify so the brits of us can enjoy it, but for others this blog post will show the some of the suggestions on youtube.

Stuck in the Middle with you… Because thats all we got and because it sets the tone for the real outcome. Nope Nick, you will not get it.

Here comes your man… Because thats what will happen. And because the Pixies got what it takes.

Because its epic, its a Journey we will have to make to the poll booths… Dont stop believing! No really don’t stop.

Electrosynth. I love you. But will the synth-song translate into what Gordon is asking for? After all its better to be “safe than sorry.”

Onto the M People with Davids song to Gordon.

Dont know if Nick is singing ‘mad about voting or farting’ or what he is mad about… in Mellow Yellow, white right slick.

But then this version of Yellow Submarine might be what we are looking at with a Cleggover Government.

In response to which David can only come out with an all guns blazing, battle rap:

In which case we should listen to Ella’s words.

to which a cool repost can only be: (Downloads Mp3: Yo La Tengo and Chris Stamey) The obliga(tory) request…

Ladies… Cleggover aint for you:

Billy didn’t think so though, he would rather take the money we spend on missiles and put it in hospitals…

This might be my favourite shout of the electorate:

With a prophetic reminder to us all:

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One Response to Lightning Crumbling: Election Soundtrack

  1. Here’s one you missed for the playlist!

    Here’s a riposte from Scottish bluesman Mike Whellans to the seemingly never-ending UK MPs expenses scandal. Like many of us, Mike had witnessed the unfolding of this saga of greed, pomposity and self righteousness with increasing weariness, so when the UK election date was called & those same politicians began to buff up their election smiles to a high sheen, he felt compelled to put pen to paper & set a few things straight…

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