What is your “why”?

Edward Carson (1854-1935)Thanks to a friend at Naked Generations, I watched this interesting TED lecture on good leadership. It’s about how great leaders inspire action. Most of the language Simon Sinek uses and some of the stories he tells are based on business models of company growth, however he refers to Martin Luther King Jr. and explains his success in promoting the civil rights movement. According to Sinek, King articulated his “why” to people, before he talked about the “how” and “what.” In other words he did the exact opposite to what I just did. What King did was what I am going to do here:

I don’t want hate but love, I dont want deceit but openness, I dont want fear but trust. I want the Good and I want to be changed by the Good. I have met the Good, and he said he wants the same. God has said he wants the same for us, and he has shown us how that can happen, we just need to learn at the feet of a good teacher. Do you want to join me in finding out how that happens?

Family Hiking in Woods

Sinek’s insight is simple and worth listening to, especially the last point. There are leaders and then there are those that lead. Leaders have been given a position of authority. Those that lead are people who are followed. They are followed because they know their “why,” and talk about it. Do you know your “why?”

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