God laughs at Leicester Mayor’s trouser fail

Not only was it proven that God exists (beyond any reasonable doubt!) on Wednesday, but it was also proven that He has a sense of humour.

24th March 1981:  A policeman helps protect the modesty of a streaker he has just arrested in Cheltenham.  (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)God punished the Lord Mayor of Leicester on Wednesday after the Mayor insisted on appointing an atheist chaplain and abolish prayer at council meetings. However his punishment was a rather unusual one. Rather than smiting the man, God chose a hitherto unrecorded way of punishment. The Lord Mayor, Councillor Colin Hall’s trousers fell down in front of pupils from three local schools at an event intended to promote cultural understanding. He has had to apologize.

If ever there was cause to call an event ‘an act of God’ this one might be it.

Theo Hobson has the story about the secular influence of the Lord Mayor here.

The BBC report about the trouser drop here.

Karen McVeigh hints at the link here.

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