Ancient Persia, Achaemenid Period (530-330 BC) Griffin-Lion relief in glazed brickwork. Louvre, Paris.

My friend Ivan went on holiday to Iran
It seemed a bit unreal to me
But I saw the ‘pics’ on facebook
They are real.

So is our war with Iran.

Who goes to Iran? I thought.
But Ivan might
He’s the sort of guy who would
Also, he is not at war with Iran
Or at least his country isn’t

Ivan is Slovak
I am not. I am British.
and have a big love of America.
She makes me blush

Who goes to Iran on holiday?
You see, this question makes sense to me
because ‘we’ are at war with Iran
At least in our minds

But now I want to go to Iran
Ivan has made me want to go to Iran
My love for America and my British roots
They are in tension with my desire
But still, I want to go to Iran

The people there smile so beautifully

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