Laughing with Jesus

Smiling can imply a sense of humour and a stat...

Sir. John Falstaff via wikipedia

I wrote a short essay relating to my MA thesis over at theMediaNet. It’s about the biggest cosmic joke ever made, links directly to salvation and the Gospel and introduces a reason for comedy.

An excerpt:

The book of Genesis tells us that we’re made in God’s image.  Given that we know God laughs, all humans therefore laugh because we reflect his image.  Much of the time, humour allows Christians and non-Christians to imagine more than our understanding of morality or lack thereof, by envisaging how things are and how things should be.  For the Christian, it’s a) the crucifixion and b) the resurrection where we see the embodiment of God’s humour and where the subject of laughter is at its most serious.  The defining moment in history where a theology of laughter finds its centre, is when the encompassing new order breaks into the reality through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and through his subsequent resurrection.

For the whole thing go here.

If you don’t know what theMediaNet is and if you are in any way related to the media and are Christian, why not become a member. Their aim is to  help link up Christians who work in and around the media, whether in art, broadcasting, journalism, or PR and on all platforms. They put on some great networking events  and an annual conference which is well worth attending.

Do let me know what you think of the piece.


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