When comic activism turns sour: And other, better fun

Being rather overwhelmed by #NOTW and #hackgate, I wish very much that Have I Got News for You or at least some good topical radio comedy was on to help me through the ordeal that awaits me every time I look at my twitter feed, face the BBC and guardian news websites, or generally live my life. But then, in the middle of it all shaving foam flies towards Murdoch and is swiftly deflected onto the face of the fraud who threw it.

What Jonnie Marbles (aka Jonathan May-Bowles, 26, of Edinburgh Gardens, Windsor and founding member of #UKuncut, HA!), what Jonnie did was to assault a man in his 80s, pie or not. Now, what ever you think about Murdoch, Marbles girlfriend got it about right when she decided to publicly dump him via twitter. @pageantmalarkey said: “Not funny. Not clever. Not your girlfriend.” The religion correspondent from the Telegraph said: “The definition of a loser is someone who throws a pie and ends up with it in their face. A priceless pr coup for the Murdoch’s #hackgate”

Murdoch’s wife’s response was the appropriate one and now we are not laughing at a prank, we are now laughing at Marbles all the way to the docks where we will hopefully get sent down for assault. Meanwhile Wendy is praised for her brave left uppercut and we are admiring Murdoch for the loyalty he must receive from her.

As much as I am a fan of a comic spectacle, there is a time and place and a line. The line can only be overstepped just enough for the joke not to backfire. Marbles, bloody Marbles.

In other news. If you don’t understand what has happened over the last couple of days this info-graph will explain more.


In other news, the now infamous Friday has been remade to spike the mood around the skewering of Murdoch and Brooks et al.

And finally, Jon Stewart needs to play less on the stereotypes. Some of his ignorance in the meaning of British phraseology is embarrassing, though quite funny.

The New Statesman has the link at the end of this article.

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2 Responses to When comic activism turns sour: And other, better fun

  1. How amazing the media empire Murdoch owns and controls should find many reasons to keep admiring him. I admire the bravery of the pie thrower. Murdoch’s china doll disgusts me.

    • Lauri Moyle says:

      Nothing that brave about what he did. Might have been in that instance but real bravery takes stamina and longditude. Look, I dont care that much for media monopolies, but how is Murdoch percieved now? Well, like a victim, a sad old man. PR failure.

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