Lauri Moyle is a writer and analyst, working at the intersection between faith and politics in the UK. He has written variously and consistently for online publications which have a predominantly Christian audience and has had articles published by Theos, the public theology think tank. He has also contributed a chapter to a book on the importance of Christians engaging with politics at the local level.

Lauri has worked variously for UK politicians in Westminster and the UK Parliament, a Christian social policy charity and as a freelance public affairs consultant and regularly appears on Christian radio to discuss the news.

His academic background is in social psychology from a liberal arts institution in the US, where he learned the importance of integrating faith and learning. He was awarded an MA in Theology and Politics from Kings College London, where the subject of his thesis looked at the role of humour in public engagement from a theological perspective.

Some of his highest professional achievements are having given evidence to the culture, media and sport select committee and meetings with numerous government Ministers and persuaded (some) on the importance of seeking to do justice in the sphere of influence they have through a particular policy ask. In one instance the Minister even defended the Governments position at a select committee by using the argument Lauri put to the Minister.

He regularly writes speeches and briefing papers for politicians.

Lauri has an ongoing interest in church politics and the politics of church. He also writes poetry and short (one page) fiction. This blog is primarily about theology, church politics, humor and his own creative writing.


2 Responses to About

  1. David S Muir says:

    Edwin the Emu,thought Edward his Father
    Was getting himself in an unnecessary lather
    For the Sun,it was bright,and the weather was fine,
    There were three meals a day and always on time
    And compared to the seals,fed by hand, fish
    We can keep themselves dry,have our food from a dish
    Compared to the Dodo,the Dodo has gone
    To the place and the Person where Dodo’s come from
    We Emu’s, protected,have beautiful thighs
    And graceful long legs and remarkable eyes
    Which we use to look at,and examine and view
    Those people that come to see us at the Zoo.
    They think that they’re clever but they pay a fee
    But we are so clever and see them for free.
    See Dad it’s not bad,when you use your brain
    Maybe it will get bigger if we use it again.

  2. John Frank says:

    Somewhere, somehow, some way, and some day.

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