Posts on Church Witness

Grudem at Bishopsgate: An account of Wayne Grudem’s talk ahead of his book launch about the need for Christians to be involved in politics. It has some critical analysis.

Lead us into the world: A meditation on the proper framework of apologetics and evangelism.

Please invite people to the Marriage supper of the Lamb: A meditation on the problems of inauthenticity, and fire insurance gospel selling.

Real Pathetique: On the importance of reading the end of Romans 12 and beginning of Romans 13 as one party of the proper relationship between the Church, its Witness and the authority of the state.

Have we earned the right to ask for Liberty?: We have lost the right to plead for special  treatment in relation to equality law because over the last 100 years the church has vacated the public sphere.

Evangelicals Wow Passes on Passion: A satirical look at A Passion for Life.  Evangelicals Now had a funny headline, which basically said that Evangelicals would rather pass on passion, in stead of passing on to others the passion.

Woo me Baby: Post about my wifes post on Gender and the Church.

What is your blind spot?: Good quotes on gender and the church

Psychology, the Bible and Church: an article about how psychology and social science can and should inform how we think about the Bible and Church, particularly in relation to Gender relations.

Unknown Knowns: What are they and what do they do to our Witness?

Marilynne Robinson: A book review of this keen quality Christian


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