Posts on Humor

The serious morality of humor: This is an extract from an academic essay which looks at the sociology, philosophy and theology of humor. Here I articulate how humor can open up the moral imagination and articulate the use of humor as an eschatological tool.

Stand-Up Comedy: On Stand Up Comedy, Preaching and the limitations of what stand up comedy can do to change attitudes of behavior.

Docu-Cause Comedy: A short digest comparing various forms of Campaign Documentaries that use comedy to influence attitudes and behavior.

Laughing at Helplessness: This is a look at the use of Humor by cultures and societies that are put into a position of helplessness and what sort of residue this effect has on the “ego” of these societies.

Hilters Moustache: The Moustache Glove: Evidence of Art as tools for subversive humor. This piece refers to Michelle Duchamp, and references Richard Herrings Hitlers mustache tourney of 2009/2010

Wrigglesworth: Post about campaign comedy preaching

Subversion for Joy: A great example of an ad agency co-opting the principles of the Trickster politician.

For Sale. Baby Shoes. Never worn. All about supershorts and their relationship to humor.

T-Shit subversion


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