Posts on the Political

Please find below a selection of articles I have written. They are not up to date.

Have we earned the right to ask for Liberty?: A blog post asking the question about whether it is right that the Church is campaigning for liberty,  freedom of expression and freedom of conscience in employment law, even if we have not done enough to show, either in the political realm or the media why we should have that right.

Lightning Crumbling: A lighthearted look at the UK Elections expressed through a soundtrack.

Debating Reputation: An article written initially for the EAs Friday Night Theology on engaging with non-Christians about something going on in the world today. This was about the TV debates between the party leaders ahead of the General Elections in 2010.

Westminster 2010 A wasted opportunity: This post is about the Westminster Declaration 2010

When Helping Hurts: A Blog post about a book, community development etc

Just Politics: I was published, this is about the book

Christian Humanism: Looking at the problem with the British humanist Association and its campaign to promote a secularism which fails to realize that faith (even private faith) has to be given room for expression in the public sphere.

Polygamist Zuma: On the Conservative parties proposals to have a transferable tax allowance.

General Elections Website: This is a blog post promoting websites put up by various church organizations to support and promote Christian involvement in the political process.

Al Gore and George Bush: A comparison of who is greener. Surprisingly Bush is.

Charles Malik and the Universal Declaration: Its about the UN declaration and the significant part Maliks faith played in thinking about it.

The irony of Charlotte and Ollie: Contra secularism, the pathetic atheist bus campaign etc

Stonewall Hypocrisy: An article on the hypocrisy of  bothgay lobby group Stonewall but also the church

Harperson on Equality: Article about the inequality of the equality bill

Promoting a broader vision for the Christian right in the US.

In my heart I am a Conservative: Interesting flippant look at political parties in poetic form


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