On Politics

I have some experience in the political world in the UK. Having studied in the US I also have, like many UK political geeks, an interest in things going on in the US. Given my religious background I am also very interested in the relationship between faith and politics and perhaps more peculiarly between the church and the state. To this end I finished an MA at Kings College in Theology, Politics and Humor.

The posts that you will find on this blog will usually relate to both the political and the religious. My view, like that of Emile Durkheim, is that everything is under a sacred canopy. I believe in the separation between church and state, by which I mean that the state should wield power (coercive power) and the church should not. This, however does not mean that the church should vacate the public sphere. I am not a secularist, but a Christian Humanist, who believes in a principled pluralism. Currently I am a more or less convinced Red-Tory.

Having said that, most of the posts I put up will be more about the Church, and its various expressions and how we interact with the state, rather than about party politics. As I believe the church is the primary form of witness to God on earth, these posts will include comments on the evangelical tradition of the protestant faith.


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